You are the Overlord. One of many rivaled overlords in fact, who rule over their very own coven of Succubi. Their purpose? To make the fantasies of mortal men become a reality. The Reckoning is in just 10 days... Will your Coven be the dominant, or will you submit to another lords will?

V0.2 - Check Devlog for Changes.



  • Demonic Desires is a 3d worker management game

  • Players choose where to place their Succubi to perform different tasks in order to produce the most amount of Lust Crystals at the end of the 10 days.

  • The Over Lord's can influence their succubi and take a peek on what they are up to. This means they work faster. Whether it be sleeping, or realising the fantasies of the mortal realms, the Succubi are there to serve you devoutly.

Currency Breakdown

Lust Crystals  - These are your Victory Points for the game. You convert your hard earned pleasure into Lust Crystals by right clicking Crystal Factory (the Blue spikey Building).

Pleasure - This currency is earnt by the number of fantasies that you have of a certain sexual act, so for example, a Succubus with the "Anal" Fantasy will earn pleasure from the amount of "Anal" fantasy power your coven has.

Fantasies - These are earnt at the Dream Invader (The big red spikey building) which depend on again the type of fantasies that the Succubus is prevelent in. "Lesbian" will gain "Lesbian" fantasy power.

Please note this is a Work In Progress, and contains some placeholder art.

Current Version: 0.1.5


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Update 0.2 - The Rush

Development for 0.2 is already underway - next step is to finish all the rush animations for each building and a general tidy up!

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Published Dec 13, 2017
StatusIn development
AuthorVirtual Desires
Made withUnity
TagsErotic, Management
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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Doesn't download; error reads:

"No compatible downloads were found for 'Demonic Desires (18+) V0.2', so it wasn't installed.

Maybe it's not compatible with your platform or with the itch app yet!"

Awesome work, I'm impressed with all the 3d models, textures, animations and so on that you managed to put in the game in such a short timespan!

Also the fact that it runs buttery smooth in webgl is awesome, nice work!


Hey Democore,

Thanks for the kind words and giving the game a go. It's funny really, I find working in 3d much quicker and easier than 2d. I'm gutted that i couldn't get more of the animtions done, but in the next update I plan on having all the rush animations complete :D

If you are interested to see behind the scenes, I will be posting an update to my blog in the near future.

Until Next Time

Bad Rock