Combat Demo Released... So whats next?

Yay etc! I released my first version of Sapphica: The Ascension. It was such an exciting and nerve-racking time for me, and I can't thank everyone enough for giving it a go. I have so much more planned for Sapphica, and I can't wait to continue developing it.

The idea first came to me when I first came across the Yuri Gamejam. I have always been a fan of NSFW mods for my games, as I feel it adds something more to a game's experience, so naturally, I had to make an NSFW game.

My first step was to get the core loop set up for the game and get a good feel as to how the combat is going to be. I have characters planned and a story I want to implement. I also want an open world for the player to be able to explore when not in combat. There is plenty to keep me busy!

However, as a game dev, it's easy to get caught in feature creep. So to bring in my reigns, my next step is going to be to add the capability to collect cards. I am going to focus purely on a deck builder for the game and fix the bugs that have currently been reported so far.

All feedback is received, encouraged and appreciated.

Until next time.

Bad Rock

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Oct 29, 2017

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